Trivia by Jesse



Trivia in your neighborhood


Based in Seattle.


writer / host / owner / Jesse
host / manager / Hateful Kate
host / La Malinche / Vikki 2 cars
host / Melanie
host / Master Fluffer Zach
host/ Meredith
host/ Hayley



Current lineup

Monday: Hattie’s Hat, 5231 Ballard Ave NW w/Kate @7pm
Monday: Best of Hands Barrelhouse, 7500 35th Ave SW, West Seattle w/ Melanie @7pm
Monday: Three Magnets Brewing Co. 600 Franklin St, Olympia w/ Zach @8pm
Monday: Mac’s Triangle Pub, 9454 Delridge Way SW, White Center w/ Meredith @8pm
Monday: Parliament Tavern, 4210 SW Admiral Way, West Seattle w/ Hayley @8pm

 Tuesday: West Seattle Brewery Mothership, 4415 Fauntleroy Way SW w/ Jesse @8pm
Tuesday: Cooper's Alehouse, 8065 Lake City Way NE w/ Melanie @8pm
Tuesday: The Velvet Elk, 3605 S McClellan St w/ Kate @730pm

Wednesday: The Lodge, 8501 Greenwood Ave N Greenwood w/Melanie @7pm
Wednesday: Beveridge Place Pub, 6413 California Ave SW w/ Jesse @8pm
Wednesday: Nine Yards Brewing, 7324 NE 175th, Kenmore w/Meredith @7pm

Thursday: Hattie's Hat, 5231 Ballard Ave NW w/Kate @7pm
Thursday: Matchless Brewing, 8036 River Dr SE #208, Tumwater w/Vikki 2 cars @630pm
Thursday: Lazy Boy Brewing, 715 100th St SE, Everett w/Melanie @7pm COMING NOVEMBER 7!



The game is indeed afoot.

All games are cash games, no cheesy prizes, no gift certificates. A small entry fee gets you in, if you're good, you'll walk out with it all back and more. We don't keep any cash, its all given out at the end of the show. Shows generally run 2 hours, sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. Answers are graded by your host, there is no trade with your neighbor, there is no honor system. Teams up to 8, so bring a friend. Play generally takes place over a 8 week season, culminating in a final night for double the money. It is suggested you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime to ensure your seat and get your brain cells adequatly lubricated.


DON't fucking cheat


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The Crew

All of Trivia o Muerte's hosts are critical thinkers, listeners, and entertainers. Our shows are educational, competitive, fun, and often quite funny. Jesse generally constructs the content of every show, and has a degree in history, but the hosts are all encouraged to be themselves as hard as they can as long as the rules, format, and content is consistent.

The game

Four rounds of ten, plus a bonus round of five-ish is what you are in for. Often topical, often irreverent, questions are written to both challenge and pique your interest. Spelling never counts, unless you fuck with me about pronouncing French words. Then it counts for your team.


For businesses 

Want to boost sales at your establishment? Add a trivia night. We'll work with you through all phases of setup if you want, or just handle it ourselves if you'd like a fire and forget solution. Besides being fabulous hosts and inquizitors, we work with your existing sound system and staff to setup anything we need to get the show going. Bonus beverages provide an incentive to consume, and the atmosphere is fun and thought provoking rather than dry and simply scholastic, while still maintaining deep intellectual integrity.